TTR’s Proprietary Intelligence anticipates market acquisition of Comrade’s by CI&T

In July 2016, TTR readers were made aware of CI&T’s interest in acquiring a peer in the US.  Just over a year later, the company consumated that interest with the acquisition of Comrade, a San Francisco-based company specialized in strategy and customer experience design


Following up with the news our subscribers were notified about in 2015, regarding CI&T seeking a digital technology firm to acquire, TTR spoke to Stanley Rodrigues. Rodrigues is the CFO at CI&T, which is a privately held digital solutions specialist based in Campinas, Brazil. CI&T specializes in IT systems development and maintenance. Rodrigues revealed to us the intention the company had in the acquisition of a firm in the U.S., which would fill gaps in their portfolio.

In the period of consideration (in 2015) projects in Brazil required extra attention from management, and the progress CI&T had made with two U.S. firms had to be put on a hold. This process of evaluation was re-started at the end of 2016. The firm wanted a company with less than 200 employees with sales under USD 50m, which also shared their values and culture. One year later, CI&T announces the acquisition of Comrade, a US-based design agency that partners with clients in technology, healthcare, financial services, and non-profit.

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