Latin America – First, second, Third and Fourth Quarter 2014

Annual Report Latin America

The economic reforms and investment plans announced by Latin American Governments, throughout 2014, stimulated transactional market’s activity, and the year ended on a positive note. In 2014, a total of 1,564 deals were registered, generating an investment volume of USD 160.55bn, which represents a 2.1% and 41.9% increase, respectively, compared with the previous year.

By countries, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia were the most active. In number of deals, their activity increased by 28.6%, 21.9% and 15.5%, respectively. On the other hand, Brazil, which has been the most active country, decreased its activity by 5.7% with regards to 2013. Experts say this drop was caused by presidential elections and Football World Cup.

The largest deals this year were carried out mainly in the telecommunications sector. Highlights include the acquisition by Spain-based Telefónica, through its subsidiary in Brazil, of Brazilian telephone operator GVT, for approximately USD 10.20bn. Mexico-based Inmobiliaria Carso acquired a stake in América Móvil, for USD 5.90bn.

The private equity sector was also dynamic this year, with 161 deals registered that generated USD 14.72bn, compared with 145 transactions recorded that generated USD 11.58bn, in 2013. The sectors involved in these deals were distribution and retail, and technology.

In 2014, the capital markets’ activity decreased slightly compared with last year. Nevertheless, there were 12 public offerings registered, which generated USD 4.65bn, and 48 capital increases generating USD 21.01bn.

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