Brazil – First, second, Third and Fourth Quarter 2014

Annual Report Brazil

In the fourth quarter of 2014, the Brazilian transactional market registered 231 deals, both announced and closed, compared with 225 recorded in the same period last year. The investment volume generated was approximately BRL 71.27bn, taking into account deals with disclosed values. In the whole year, a total of 816 deals were registered generating an investment volume of approximately BRL 193.16bn, which represents a 52% increase compared with 2013.

Regarding deal value in the last twelve months, 71.2% of these transactions involved amounts inferior to BRL 200m.

In the cross-border sector, US-based companies were the most acquisitive in the Brazilian market this last quarter, with 25 acquisitions carried out in the technology, internet, multimedia, and distribution and retail sectors. UK-based acquirers were the second most active in Brazil, with six acquisitions. On the other hand, Brazilian companies made nine acquisitions abroad this last quarter, and only three were made outside Latin America.

Transactions involving Private Equity and Venture Capital firms represent 11% and 13%, respectively, of the total number of deals registered in 2014. The volume invested by private equity firms was approximately BRL 5.88bn, compared with BRL 5.32bn in 2013. The Venture Capital segment generated an investment volume of approximately BRL 143.14m this quarter, compared with BRL 363.55m generated in the same period last year. The internet companies attracted most of the investments; 68 deals were registered. Throughout 2014, the investments carried out by Venture Capital firms generated approximately BRL 1.09bn.

TTR’s highlighted deal this quarter was carried out by Península Participações in the acquisition of a 10% stake in Carrefour Brasil, for BRL 1.80bn.

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Carrefour Brasil  – Food retail company.


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